Why HostGator is preferred by most startups?

Why HostGator is preferred by most startups?

It is not a secret that most startups vie for cost reduction techniques and extremely careful when it comes to deciding where to invest their money. This is very important from their perspective because they would like to see their limited resources spent in the most productive way. With HostGator coupon codes the hosting cost can be save by great extent. Unfortunately, a few startups extend this philosophy when choosing a web-host to host their website. Sooner or later, they end up realizing the hard way that it had been a bad decision. So nowadays, most of them go for a good quality host that offers decent technical support and good hardware. Options available in these criteria might be many, but HostGator clearly turns out to be the most preferred choice due to a variety of factors which we shall discuss below.

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Is VPS the only viable alternative?

Most startups often consider going with a VPS web host considering the risk involved in going with a cheap host. For this with the financial capability to afford it, this option might turn out to be a productive one. But most of the startups out there face financial crunches in one form or the other. Therefore it is critical that they find out reliable and effective web hosts like HostGator.

There are many things that work in HostGator’s favor when it comes to startups. For one, they promise a reliable performance without any down times. The problem with most other web hosts is that even though they offer good services, it comes in bits and pieces. This means that there is a very high chance that your website may crash due to sudden spikes in traffic. This is because the web host simply doesn’t have the technical capability to handle it. And this is exactly what you should be concerned about as a start up.

Another important factor working in HostGator’s favor is their reliance on latest technology. For instance, most web hosts out there have failed to capitalize on the latest technological innovations like solid state drives. By properly employing the advantages of SSDs the websites can be made to perform faster and handle larger volumes of traffic.

It is quite common knowledge that most shared web hosts have hundreds of websites hosted on their domain at any given time. As far as a start up is concerned, it is imperative that their website responds to the user in a timely manner. Business is crucial and so is web traffic. So before they go in for a shared web host, they need to make sure that their host has the experience in offering that.

HostGator offers HostGator 1 cent coupon by which you can get new hosting for just 1 cent and excellent technical support for its users. Although startups have some of the sharpest minds in the industry, there comes a time when they need assistance directly from their webhost, in this case, HostGator. It might be for a variety of reasons, but HostGator offers complete peace of mind in this regard. They have a dedicated technical support center that can be reached at any time to answer queries.

All the above unique features make HostGator the most preferred web host for startups.

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