Hi, this is James R. Roberts from Portland, PA. I am an 83 year old retired employee relation manager, who worked for a company called Rickel. As a young man, I used to love writing as took it as my favorite pastime. But I was so busy with my job that I could never thing of becoming a full time, or even part time writer. But as I am retired today, I have decided to go back to the work I love the most- writing. And the undying support of my loving wife and family has been a source of great inspiration for me.

Looking for People to join me

The fame and love which have come my way from this blog have encouraged me to think of expansion, making me realize that age is no bar for growth and progress. Since the number of my readers is increasing by leaps and bounds and they are looking for more and more diverse work on this blog, I am looking to introduce more people on my team, to add fresh ideas and perspective to this growing blog. Those who are interested to join me as a team can contact me on the blog.

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